Highlights include:

  • The SFP Coalition was launched and brings together over 25 tobacco control and public health organisations from across Europe in a specialised network. 
  • SFP was pleased to welcome the Norwegian Cancer Society as a temporary partner in summer 2014, who joined the Irish Cancer Society in supporting our work on an annual basis. The Norwegian Cancer Society is an active civil society actor and aims to ensure that fewer people develop cancer, more people survive cancer and people affected by cancer have the best quality of life possible. 
  • SFP was successful in its application for operating grant funding under the Third Health Programme which will enable SFP to continue its valuable work in 2015 and ensure the coordination of the Coalition’s advocacy activities on key policy priorities. 
  • Under the Framework Contract awarded in 2013, two tenders were awarded to the consortium in which SFP is a partner in 2014. 
  • The Bloomberg Initiative granted SFP funding to build capacity in tobacco taxation among tobacco control organisations across Europe.
  • SFP participated in COP6 in Moscow and was pleased to promote the adoption of FCTC Article 6 Guidelines and further commitment to realising Article 5.3. 


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The Smoke Free Partnership is...

a partnership between Cancer Research UK, the European Heart Network and Action on Smoking and Health (UK). We aim to promote tobacco control advocacy and policy research at EU and national levels in collaboration with other EU health organisations and EU tobacco control networks.