TobTaxy Toolkit in 20 languages

The toolkit on tobacco taxation and illicit trade is the key output of the TobTaxy project. It was published in October 2012.  

Rationale for TobTaxy

TobTaxy is a capacity building project which ran from September 2010 - November 2012 that set out to address a knowledge gap among the public health community in the field of tobacco taxation and illicit trade.   

Project Outline and Expected Outcomes

TobTaxy is expected to increase the knowledge base in tobacco taxation and illicit trade amongst the tobacco control community.   

The Work Packages

See how TobTaxy was organised.   

The Capacity Building Workshops

Five workshops organised in France, Romania, Lithuania, Ireland and the Czech Republic during 2011-2012.  

TobTaxy Project Partners

The partner organisations from across the European Union.  

Useful Taxation Links

Useful links on tobacco taxation and illicit trade issues.   

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